About the Brand


designs by Regal is your go-to source for bold, colorful, trending fashion and crafts inspired by the Caribbean. Our mission is to influence our clients to embrace their individuality and define their style while celebrating culture.

Based in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands our products reflect the ideals of Caribbean history and tradition reinvented to keep culture alive with the use of our islands identifying print known as madras. 

All designs are created by Regal, as she is professionally known, a self taught seamstress and designer from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

She is the CEO and founder of designs by Regal, a local online business that creates an appreciation for our Afro-Caribbean culture and how we can further express pride for our heritage through African print and madras fabric in trending, reinvented fashion and culturally inspired crafts. 


Regal proudly promotes madras as “the Caribbean’s fabric” with the intention of its recognition as the culturally identifying print of the Caribbean.

Madras, a brightly colored tartan print originating in India, is found throughout many of our sister islands. It is the fabric that speaks of the our rich and vibrant island colors intertwined with the lines of tradition and history working together to create a tapestry of beauty.


designs by Regal has collaborated with established and upcoming photographers in the Virgin Islands territory on several fashion editorial projects that have received high media acclaim and recognition.

designs by Regal™ fashions have also been showcased in Kids Rock 2017, Simply Sophisticated Troupe Launch 2018, Savage Festival Troupe Launch 2019, Caribbean Collection 2019, Carnival Meets the Runway-Sanctuary Troupe Launch 2019 and Madras Reimagined 2020.


Innovator of many unique statement accessory pieces and crafts which embody Caribbean culture, she is also the creator of the "Rock Your Crown" signature tee, an extension of the Regal™ brand designed to make a statement of self confidence and royalty.

Regal continues creating custom order designs locally while maintaining her online brand, ensuring her place as a Caribbean style influencer.

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