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About the Brand

Giana Abreu-Christopher, professionally known as Regal, is a mother of five, a self taught seamstress and designer from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.​

CEO and founder of designs by Regal, a brand created to encourage an appreciation for Caribbean culture and how we can further express pride for our heritage through the use of madras fabric.

Innovator of many unique statement accessory pieces and crafts, she is also the innovator behind the "Rock Your Crown" signature apparel line, an extension of the Regal™ brand designed to make a statement of self confidence and royalty.

Regal seeks to influence clients to define their style with bold, colorful, trending madras apparel and crafts .

With products reflecting island apparel reinvented to keep cultural identification alive with the use of the Caribbeans identifying and unifying print, madras. 

Madras, a brightly colored tartan print originating in India, making its way to the Caribbean islands during the diaspora.

It is the fabric that speaks of our rich and vibrant island colors intertwined with the lines of tradition, history and culture working together to create a tapestry of beauty that is the Caribbean.


As a constant innovator in an effort to continue the educational growth behind the madras fabric, Regal has also launched 2 new educational courses called Sip N Wrap and Paint N Wrap. One features a brief history on madras fabric and headwrapping mixed with hands on tutorials while the other is a more artistic twist making it easier for children to get involved.

Brand Features


-Virgin Islands Council of the ArtsVI Madras Fashion Show

-Sports Illustrated "24 Hours in St. Croix"

-Crucian Gold Mothers Day Advertisement

-Siti Girl 1st Edition Magazine Cover

-EmpowHER 1st Edition Magazine Cover

-EmpowHER 1st Edition Inner Magazine Cover

-Ripe Mango Collection Fashion Show - FOTB

-Crucian Christmas Festival Poster - Keziah

-VIYA Stanley & the Ten Sleepless Nights Commercial

-"Madras Day" International Poster ~ France

-Miss JHW Competiton Judge

-Miss RRES Contestant Maia Lynne Alumni Honoree

-CHS Sass, Class and a Touch of Madras Intro Night        Pamphlet Cover


-AJ Ventura's "Your Body" Music Video 

-WTJX/PBS VI Women's History Month Nominee 

-Destination Magazine Cover & Feature 

-Crucian Cultural Group Window Display 

-Crucian Christmas Festival Poster - Xaulanda


-Madras Reimagined 

-Teddys Drive-Thru Christmas Display

-Crucian Cultural Group Window Display 

-Crucian Christmas Festival Poster - Whitney

-Mutiny Hot Pepper Vodka Ad

-Nikki Brooks "Plenty Peppa" Music Video


-Hispanic Heritage Month Nominee 

-VI Trailblazer Nominee 

-Caribbean Collection Fashion Show

- Savage Festival Troupe 

-Caribbean Collection Fashion Show - FOTB 

-Carnival Meets the Runway-Sanctuary Launch 

-Crucian Cultural Group Display


-Simply Sophisticated Troupe

- Virgin Islands Council of the Arts Black History Month Fashion  Show


-Kids Rock

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