Regal Moko Jumbie Ornamental Keepsakes

Regal Moko Jumbie Ornamental Keepsakes


PREORDER AVALABLE ONLY !!(Items ship date December 12,2020)


Nothing is more reminiscent of our Virgin Islands culture than our very own guardians and "good luck" charms the 'Moko Jumbie'.

Carefully handcrafted with our Caribbeans fabric, madras and trimmed with gold/silver trim standing 8' tall. The adorned hat has individually placed sequins that highlight the fabric and reflectively sparkle in the light!

Perfect as a Christmas gift for the nostalgic, as a tree ornament or car rear view mirror decoration with its 5' long gold/silver trim loop.


Available with matching madras tree skirt (42 " wide ) and tree topper ( 12" tall ) in LIMITED SUPPLY.

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